Walk your Way to Health: The Awesome Benefits of Walking

Walk your Way to Health: The Awesome Benefits of Walking

One of the best ways to exercise is through walking. Although we walk every day, it’s different when walking is incorporated as a part of your exercise. Now if you are not someone who likes to walk, it’s best that you do this at least 30 minutes each day.

It’s a light exercise that can do so much to your body and general health.

Benefits of Walking

Interesting facts about walking

Before you take a walk, it’s best that you get to know some of the best things about walking first. Here are ten of the most interesting facts about walking and why it is one of the best exercises to do:

  1. One of the longest walk around the world recorded was completed by Jean Beliveau who was a neon-sign salesman. His walking record was recorded at 46,600 miles in all 64 countries for 11 years.
  2. Walking on fire or fire walk is religious ceremony in several parts of the world and in countries like China, New Zealand, Fiji, India and Greece.
  3. For over 90 years, Racewalking is an official sport at the Olympics.
  4. One pair of regular tennis shoes can last 500 miles of walking.
  5. Eating a 540 calorie Big Mac can be burned after 1 hour and 43 minutes.
  6. Most deaths happen while walking in the pedestrian, in fact, 13% of these deaths are pedestrian related.
  7. Brisk walking for 15 minutes can burn the same amount of calories similar to 8.5 minutes of jogging.
  8. Walking is the most popular exercise in the United States.
  9. During the 70s, 60% of children walked to school but only about 13% of them walk today.
  10. An average person can walk about 5 kilometers per hour or about 3.1 miles per hour.

Now let’s start Walking!

So are you ready to work? If you are not, you might have to reconsider. Walking is very beneficial to your body and health. In fact, here are some of the best health benefits that you can get from walking:

1. It helps strengthen your heart

Walking regularly can help reduce the risk of heart diseases especially stoke. It also helps in lowering the levels of LDL or what is also known as the bad cholesterol. It also keeps your blood pressure at the normal range. Walking briskly for about 30 minutes each day can help control the pressure of your blood which can be the main reason for strokes. All in all, walking helps lower your chances of having heart problems by 27%.

2. It generally reduces your risk of forming diseases

Besides the heart disease, walking can reduce the risks of forming diabetes type 2, certain forms of cancers and asthma. In recent studies, walking is believed to reduce the risk of forming diseases by 60% compared to those who are not as active.

3. It gives you the energy you need

Walking is one of the best free exercises that you can do. It naturally helps boost your energy and provides your body the oxygen it needs. Walking also helps energize the joints and muscles as you go.

4. It basically makes you happy

When you are exercising, your mood is boosted. According to studies, brisk walking is a good anti-depressant and can help reduce the risk of having depression. Walking helps boost the production of endorphins in your blood stream which in return reduces stress as well as anxiety. It was also found out that walking has helped lift the moods of about 83% of people with mental health issues.

5. It helps boost the levels of Vitamin D in your body

Walking in the morning can help boost the production of Vitamin D in the morning. Studies show that about 80% of people in the US lack vitamin D but with the help of walking every morning, more and more people are now getting their vitamin D levels raised up. So besides helping your bodies get into shape, walking can also help increase the production of vitamin D, now that’s a good reason to start walking.

6. It helps tone your legs and buttocks

If you are suffering from saggy legs or butt, you better work it! Start by taking walks each day and you will see the results. A good walk can help strengthen your legs while giving definition to your calves, hamstrings, and quads while lifting your glutes or the gluteal muscles in your buttocks.

This is especially helpful when you are walking up a hill; of course good posture when walking can also help a lot. This helps tone your abs and reduce inches on your waist.

So we can say that walking is indeed very helpful. Begin your day with walking; this can help improve the overall circulation of your body and at the same time keep you happy. If you are feeling down, take a walk. You will feel much better as your body benefits from it; so go ahead take that walk and have fun, enjoy!

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