The Real Benefits of Honey and how it can Help Your Body

The Real Benefits of Honey and how it can Help Your Body

Interesting facts about honey and honey bees that you should know

Now before you eat that honey, there are a few interesting things that you need to know about it first. By getting to know honey and the bees responsible for making them, you will appreciate honey even more:

  • During the 11th century, honey was so in demand that the German peasants would pay their feudal Lords honey and beeswax as payment.
  • The process of making honey for bees is a very tiring one. They must visit about 2 million flowers and fly around 55,000 miles just to make a pound of this delicious golden liquid. They also visit around 225,000 flowers everyday just to get nectar.
  • These honey bees don’t sleep. They communicate with the help of pheromones and dancing.
  • When it comes to life sustaining food, honey is number one. It contains water, minerals and vitamins and is the only food with pinocembrin which helps in the function of the brain.
  • A honey bee can fly once around the world with just two tablespoons of honey as fuel.
  • Beeswax is about 1.5% to 2.0% of the honey made.
  • There are three types of bees found in the hive; the Drones, Workers and the Queen.
  • Honey is made up of 20% water and 80% sugars.
  • An edible honey found buried in King Tut’s tomb was discovered in tight sealed jars or vats after 2,000 years underneath the sands of desert and is still as edible as it was first made.
  • About 2000 eggs are laid by the Queen bee each day making it one egg per 45 seconds.
  • Honey is the Hebrew word for enchant.

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