The Real Benefits of Honey and how it can Help Your Body

The Real Benefits of Honey and how it can Help Your Body

Ever wondered why Winnie the Pooh loved honey so much? This is because honey has many benefits despite it being sweet. And just like Winnie, we will learn how to love honey by knowing what it is all about and why it’s good for your body.

What is honey?

As illustrated by many cartoons, honey is indeed made by bees but not just any bees. The species of bees that are responsible for making honey are the honey bees. These bees make use of nectars from flowers which are then stored into the beehive.

The nectars then mix with the enzymes and transformed into pH that is suited for long storage. When these nectars are ready to be harvested, they come out as thick, yellowish-brown in color that is sweet and edible for eating.


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