Taking Ginger for Your Health: The Awesome Benefits of Ginger

Taking Ginger for Your Health: The Awesome Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a root crop known in many parts of the Southeastern Asia. They are usually used in cooking but long before this was added in dishes, ginger was used in the ancient Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern writings for its medicinal properties. It was the ancient Romans who important ginger from China about 2,000 years ago and its popularity remained in the Mediterranean region up until the Middle Ages.

Ginger was then spread throughout other countries. Back then this was a very expensive variety of spices to come by and yet it was in great demand. The Spaniards attempted to make it available for everyone that they eventually introduced this to the West Indies, South America and Mexico around the 16th century.

Today, ginger is a widely used spice and is produced massively by countries like India, Fiji, Jamaica, Australia and Indonesia.


Benefits of Ginger


So what makes ginger special? What makes them unique among other spices used?

Ginger is known for being a flexible ingredient and can be consumed with drinks and cooking. For the last 2000 years, it has been known as an effective Chinese medicine which helps prevent several health problems. It also promotes energy and increases the metabolic rate of your body. In fact, ginger has been used by many people in the ancient days for their properties and not because they add flavor to food. So if you want to know why you should include ginger in your diet, here are some of the best health benefits that you can get:

It provides gastrointestinal relief. Ginger is very good in preventing symptoms like motion sickness and seasickness. It also relieves other gastrointestinal problems like nausea, vomiting, dizziness and cold sweats.

It prevents gas formation. If you are suffering from gas or flatulence, taking ginger can relieve this condition. No need to buy medicine as this is the cheapest and most effective remedy for your flatulence.

Suffering from joint pain? Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve your aches and pains. In case you are going to take a bath in the tub, add ginger essential oils to help you with the joint and muscle pains.

Ginger is very helpful in postoperative nausea. According to studies, ginger can help get rid of nausea felt after a surgery although it is not usually recommended during the 7-10 days pre-surgery. This is because ginger can cause clotting of blood. In case you are going for surgery and want to take ginger, you need to talk to your surgeon and anesthesiologist first. This way you will know if you are contraindicated or not.

Ginger can help prevent colds and flu. During winter and pre-winter seasons, flu and colds can be rampant. To protect you from the contagious flu and colds, taking ginger can help you with that. According to studies, ginger has been a remedy for colds and flu in Asia for thousands of years and you can do the same. All you need to do is add two tablespoons of freshly grated or chopped ginger into hot water and take it at least twice a day.

Common respiratory problems can also be cured by ginger. If you are suffering from any respiratory diseases like cough, ginger can help by expanding your lungs and help loosen up phlegm. It also acts as a natural expectorant that helps remove the mucus and breaks them down, allowing you to breath quickly.

It helps prevent the formation of certain cancers. According to studies, ginger can help reduce the risk of forming colon and ovarian cancer. Ginger is said to slow down the cancer cells that triggers the formation of colorectal cancer and helps induce cell death in ovarian cancer cells.

Ginger helps improve the absorption of nutrients. Studies show that ginger helps improve the stimulation as well as absorption of essential nutrients in the body. When these are stimulated, the enzymes in pancreas are secreted along with the gastric enzymes.

Keeps the blood circulation at a normal rate, this is because ginger contains magnesium, zinc and chromium. These compounds help improve the blood flow and at the same time helps prevent any excessive sweating, fever and chills.

It also helps strengthen the immune system. Including ginger in your diet daily can remove any fatty deposits in your arteries and at the same time decreases the bacterial infections of the stomach. It also removes throat irritation and cough.

Fun Facts about Ginger:

  1. It’s available all year round.
  2. There are ginger candies and jams in England.
  3. Ginger was introduced in England around 800 A.D.
  4. Ginger is ranked second as the world’s favorite spices next to pepper.
  5. Ginger is not a root but actually a rhizome.
  6. Ginger is also used to aromatize the liquid in electronic cigarettes.
  7. Tsitsibira is a Greek ginger beer that was first made in the 18th
  8. It also stimulates libido.
  9. The first ginger wine was made by The Finsbury Distillery Company was founded in 1940 and was believed to cure cholera.
  10. Pickled ginger is popular in Japan and is a good side dish for sushi and sashimi.

So you see, ginger is a very healthy and wonderful spice. It does not only add flavor into dishes but also helps in your health. If you haven’t tried ginger yet, now would be the best time to incorporate it in your food. Staying healthy is vital and ginger can help you with that.

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