How to Get Rid Of Gnats in House

How to Get Rid Of Gnats in House

Couple of questions had been asked on how to get rid of gnats in house. What are gnats? These are species of insect commonly all over the world. Gnats exist in various species, which makes it difficult to identify and rarely deserve the need trying to identify them.

If the flies are little, black and flying all over your windows or house, then they’re probably fungus gnats. Other pestering insects include flies, mosquitoes and ants seen in multitude by nearly every property owner in United States. But a quite number of insects are pesky as gnats.

If you are living close to water surroundings, you’ll probably see them when warm weather set up, particularly on June and July. At this time, the Buffalo Gnats are completely out in aggression, you’ll consistently see these little bugs flying through the whole house. The entire family may be bitten with major swelling about the bites area and sometimes the bites can be awful.

You don’t have to get burdensome on how to get rid of these problematic insects, there are numbers of ways explained in this article that will eliminate them. These tips have worked for others and yours case will be story after applying them. Note it, that these insects reproduce as fast as possible so it should be in your most interest to eliminate them as quick as possible.

How to Get Rid Of Gnats in House

What’s the Source of Gnats In House?

Rotten fruits, drain foods, wets floors, dirty dishes, food remains etc. still remains the possible sources of gnats taken over your home, especially your kitchen.

Why Get Rid Of Gnats In House?

The importance of getting rid of these house insects cannot be over emphasized. However, below are several reasons.

  1. Their swelling bites are painful.
  2. Gnats do contribute to spreading of disease infectious.
  3. Causes peskiness and irritation in your kitchen and all round your house.
  4. Their consistent noise around your face and ears portrays the illusion that your house is dirtier than you think.

How to Prevent Gnats in House?

If gnats have make your home their breeding home, there may be something of attraction in your house that’s has made them linger around.

Here are simple how to prevent guide to keep your house less attractive to gnats which is: clean up the whole house, do away with food remains, wash dirty plates and cooking tools immediately after use, put curtains or net or wires on the doors and windows, dispose your waste cans frequently and always cover your waste cans and garbage’s.

Gnats generally like overripe apple or bananas, so make sure you make use of your vegetables and fruits before they get spoilt.

How to Get Rid Of Gnats in House Completely?

Before the use of any of the suggested methods below, it’s significant to understand where the insects are coming from. The most effective means of getting rid of these gnats is to use the methods near to the cause. For instance, if you are dealing with drain flies then you have to use the method that’s applicable to the drains where the insects are coming from.

The methods may not guarantee you 100 percent for everyone. Some have more success than others, depending on the degree and complication of the situation. However, all these methods are worth trying.

1. Homemade Vinegar Method

This is one the most commonly and effective way, inexpensive and easy to use. To prepare your vinegar solution, you’ll need apple vinegar, water, sugar, dish soap and a container.

Mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of sugar, little drops of soap and add one liter of water inside the container. Mix well the solution then put the container near the place where you notice the gnats.

The insects get excited and attracted to the scent of the cider vinegar then leading to their death when they’re come in contact with the liquid solution because of the soap content.

You may also want to set up numbers of smaller containers around your home to get a better understanding of where the gnats are breeding.

2. Use an Insect Spray

There’re indefinite numbers of natural homes flying insects spays you can choose from. They are powerful and kill instantly any kind of gnats or insects. Spray in the usual area where you find to be their colonies. Be sure to follow the user’s guide instruction that comes with it your spray.

3. Introduction of Bleach into Sink

If you’re been disturb with drain flies especially in your kitchen, this is a method that may assist curbing the problem. Most time, pouring of bleach won’t 100% eliminate the issue because; the gnats may be breeding deep down your drainage system. If you decide to use this method, be sure to dilute the bleach with water a bit.

Others people have good result using ammonia to kill gnats off their drain. Make sure you wear mouth and eye protection when pouring these liquid into your drain.

Caution: Do not mix bleach with ammonia. A mix of these 2 chemicals will result to deathly toxic fume.

4. Red Wine Method

This is similar to the vinegar method, the trick behind is to attract the insects to the smell of red wine then drown the gnats as quick as they come in contact with it. You can also mix the wine with small quantity of dish soap so that the insects are unable to fly invariable.

How to go about it? Pour the red wine into a small container. Wrap the container top with plastic wrap then poke a few holes in it. Place as usual near the gnat’s currents existence overnight and lets the magic start.

5. Use Fogging Method

Fogging is another effective method to get rid of gnats dwelling in your house. If you’re handling a large area, the fogging method is the best option to adopt in getting rids of gnats.

You can look for the Hot Shot Insect Fogger which is a recommended one for indoor fogging while the Burgess Insect Fogger is commonly for outdoor situation.

6. Rotten Fruit Method

Like the red wine and vinegar trap, you need to stick an overripe or rotten fruits into a container, place a plastic around the container, pinch a several holes into the plastic, then watch as the gnats fly’s into the trap to be kill.
Similar to the vinegar and red wine trap, you stick a rotten or overripe fruit into a container, put a plastic about the container, punch a several holes into the plastic, then see as the gnats fly into the trap.

How to get rid of gnats has been made easy for you to apply any of the alternatives discussed. Now you’re assured of having a pleasant environment by eliminating gnat’s insects that causes irritation and discomfort in your home.

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