How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Ever experienced the sight of little flies flying around your kitchen and being a plaque you really want to get rid of in your home especially around the kitchen area or where the trashcan is kept. Fruit flies are majorly attracted to fruits as their name implies, are also attracted to sugary organic materials.

However, they survive in moist places such as garbage disposal drain, they are also capable of breeding on large spills of soda or alcohol, decaying meats or fish, fermented or rotting fruits and vegetables when not properly disposed or kept in the refrigerator. Here are few methods of getting rid of these fruit flies in your home.




Method 1: Complete destruction of their breeding and feeding sites

Whatever it is that could be attracting them. This step majorly has to do with having a clean, hygienic environment in the house at all times. Fruit flies are known to lay their eggs in rotten fruits and other soft, sugary, organic material.

When you detect a fruit fly infestation in your kitchen, you get rid of all damaged or over-ripe fruits or vegetables, keep sinks and kitchen tables clean of tiny drops of juice, soda or alcohol, scraps of vegetable peelings, eat up fruit quickly and not leave fruits to stay around for long. Fruits or vegetables bought after this cleaning should be kept in the refrigerator till the fruit fly infestation disappears totally.

If fruits and vegetables or sugary organic materials are not in your kitchen, check your trashcan and recycling bins to ensure they are not present. Fruit flies tend to thrive in such place. Empty the trash can regularly but most importantly avoid keeping vegetable or meat scraps in the garbage can inside your house, instead place the vegetable scraps in a freezer bag and keep them in the freezer immediately.

It could come in handy in making soup. If they have to be disposed you should throw them in a compost pile away from your home and cover it up with dirts, or you can place them sealed frozen and discard them away in an outside garbage can on the exact day of removal.

After isolating the fruit flies feeding and breeding ground, control methods can then be applied. Though getting rid of the fruit flies may require different treatments, but lack of food will eventually cause them to dissipate.


Method 2: Thoroughly clean the area flies are attracted to

  1. Wash kitchen napkins regularly: You should be wash the kitchen napkins thoroughly with soap, rinse them well, squeeze dry them before spreading them under the sun to dry. Ensure that the napkins are not left in the sink as this would provide a warm, dark and food-harboring smell., which could serve as a breeding sites for the fruit flies. Proper cleaning will help eradicate the possibilities of having fruit flies flying around.
  2. Dishes shouldn’t be left sitting around dirty, they should be washed immediately after use, the drains in the sink should be cleared , pouring of household bleach down the drain every other day can be used to kill fruit flies that may breeding there. A cheap bottle brush and hot water rinse can also be used to clean out the drain every week or so. After the drain has been properly cleaned and old fruit or food extracts has being gotten rid of from the sink drains, a peppermint extract can be used to drive the fruit flies away. All you need do is take part of a paper towel then twist it into a wick (piece of woven material in an oil lamp which soaks up the oil and which you light so that the lamp burns), place another end into the peppermint extract, leaving part of it on the outside. In order to wet the wick you have to tip the bottle of the peppermint extract.
  3. Clean up crumbs and spills from the kitchen tables, cabinets and floor immediately after use, if not done it would encourage all sorts of creeping and flying insects and not just fruit flies.
  4. Oven, microwave, seals of your refrigerator and freezer door, the top and under of the fridge should be cleaned as often as possible.
  5. Wipe under and around your dishwasher, stoves and gas cookers regularly
  6. Damp clothes should be removed from the laundry room or around the house
  7. Garbage should be taken out daily. The dustbin should be covered at all times apart from the period when you are using it.
  8. Discard water that was used in moping and wash the pail and the mop rag thoroughly, avoid leaving unclean mop or water used in washing lying around after use.


Natural remedies that can be used in trapping fruit flies already present in the house

If you discover that some fruit flies are still hovering about in the kitchen after thoroughly cleaning, and destroying their breeding and feeding sites, you would need to apply some methods to trap and get rid of them fast. Here are some tried and tested methods for trapping fruit flies.


Fruit Flies trap


Prepare A Fruit Jar Trap

Fruit flies are attracted to fruits, so fruit would be very suitable in luring them into a trap. You will need,

  • A glass jar
  • Plastic wrap (nylon)
  • A toothpick or pin
  • Very ripe or overripe fruits
  • Soapy water


At the bottom of the glass jar you place several pieces of very ripe or almost rotting skinless fruits, and cover with the plastic wrap (with the use of a rubber band to secure it well and make it really tight.) Using the toothpick or pin poke holes on the surface of the wrap, and place the jars in different position throughout the house where fruit flies are mostly noticed too congregate.

The flies would be drawn into the trap but won’t be able to get out of it. At this point, immerse the jar in a bucket of warm soapy water and leave it for about 10 minutes to ensure the flies won’t be coming back. You can leave the jar for a couple of days till you feel the jar is full enough, after which you rinse out the content in the jar, refill and repeat the procedure.


Apple Cider Vinegar Trap:

Apple cider vinegar is gotten from fermented apples, since fruit flies can’t resist the smell of fermented fruit it would be a dream drink to them. In order to release more of the irresistible smell of the vinegar, you would have to heat it beforehand. Things you would need are;

  • An empty jar preferably a glass jar it could be an empty clean jam container
  • Funnel
  • Apple cider vinegar (½ cup)
  • Dish soap, just a drop
  • Apiece of overripe fruit


Heat up the apple cider vinegar and pour into the jar, the jar needs to be deep so as to enable the flies drown now add a drop of dish soap into the jar. The dish soap is used to break the surface tension of the liquid in the jar so the flies won’t just sit on top and fly away when they are done.

Using a piece of paper to make the funnel, you roll the paper up and insert it into the mouth of the jar and then tape the funnel in place. Due to the irresistible smell of the apple cider vinegar the flies would go into the jar to get at the vinegar but won’t be able to come out of the jar, and after several struggle to escape from the jar it drowns.

If you need to further tempt the fruit flies to getting into the jar, you drop in a ripe piece of overripe or ripe fruit and leave it to breakdown. If the flies don’t drown, you place the jar in the freezer for 20 minutes.


Red Wine Fly Trap

Flies can get intoxicated with wine just as we humans can. They are attracted to red wine and will come together if any is left out. The flies would either drown in it, or the freezer or soapy water method can be used to drown them. You will need…

  • A little bit of red wine remaining in the bottle (red wine vinegar or balsamic can be used in a pinch).


At the bottom of the bottle leave a little bit of red wine and let it sit out. The flies would congregate around it and die a very merry sweet death. You can also put the red wine in a separate jar with plastic wrap and holes poked gently on the surface.

Other methods that can be used in getting rid of fruit flies asides using then natural remedy include;

  1. Covering all doors and windows using screen so as to prevent their entry from outside the house.
  2. Placing a fan near the most sites the flies are attracted to (the jar trap or apple cider vinegar trap) keep the fans blowing across the fruit.
  3. Mix up some soap suds with dish soaps.
  4. Fill a fine mist spraying bottle with alcohol this can be sprayed on fruit flies hovering around. They tend to fall down, so you sweep them and dispose them immediately so as not to attract ants.

Keeping the environment clean cannot be over emphasized when dealing with fruit flies, so in order not to have them hovering around in our homes. You need to maintain a clean and healthy environment free of dirt’s and leftover foods, rotting or fermented fruits and vegetables within our home. This would greatly help in getting rid of fruit flies in the house.


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