How to Get Rid Of Earwigs

How to Get Rid Of Earwigs

Earwigs are small brownish insects having two tiny pinchers at the back of their tail. They use this pinchers for mating and also to capture insect. Don’t be scared, they are not harmful to you.

They are really hard to recognize but dangerous to plant. Some species of earwigs have wings but you rarely see them flying. Earwigs are type of insect that may cause you your entire investment if not properly getting rid of, especially if you making money from your garden

The Forficula auricularia which is another name given to earwigs feeds on young shoots and can at time make a porous mess of plants leaves and even flowers. The degree of damages they cause, stand as a major threat in most gardens.

Earwigs can also feed on snails, slugs and aphids and other types of larvae, so it might be a plus that they’re present. However, as uninvited creatures in a garden, there are times when earwigs can also be considered a pest due to horst of damages they perform to farms.

When earwigs invade your plant or garden and surroundings, it’s going to require you some patience and a little knowledge of why earwigs are attracted to your garden, to change their habits.

How to Get Rid Of Earwigs


Why Are Earwigs in The Garden?

Earwigs like environments that are moist, covered places, mulched garden beds or under potted plants. Those favorable conditions, couple with availability of food, will attract earwigs into your garden. Nevertheless, since they’re considered beneficial insects, sometimes they’re only treated as pests when their damage becomes great.


What Types of Plants Do Earwigs Like?

Earwigs trouble a wide range of garden plants, but they seem to be especially fond of herbs and corn tassels as well as dahlias, marigolds, roses and zinnias. They’re also potential threat peaches, apricots and berries fruit.


Here Is How to Get Rid Of Earwigs in Garden

Method ONE: Making Earwig Traps

  1. Set A Can Trap

Position a low depth tin-can like such as a shallow cat food tin can in your garden. Fill it with 1.25 cm of any type of vegetable oil. The vegetable oil will draw the earwigs, crawling in and be drowned. Leave and fill the cans again as required. You can have as many can as possible depending on the severity of your situation

2. Use Earwigs-Pulling Roll Trap

Since earwigs like damp places and vegetables oil, try fold up moist newspaper and add few drops of vegetables oil onto the newspaper and position it close to the base of the plants about sunset. They’ll crawl into it soonest and get stuck on the moist newspaper and being unable to crawl out again.

3. Use Shoebox Trap

Punch some openings in the surface of the shoebox near the bottom. Inside the box, position a dilute layer of bran or oatmeal and place the cover on it. Allow it on the structure or other region leading around or in your home to catch the earwigs.

Method 2: Encouraging Natural Predators

1. Use Earwig Predators in your surrounding

Animals that feed on this insect helps reduce the multiplying population and helps to control earwigs. However you can make your yard center of attraction for toad and birds, by using food particles such as plant they like most and shades.

  • Attracts toads by leaving plants to grow around your surroundings but not allow growing too much. Or position some bricks on the ground, lay across them and set plants across the board. Any of methods will create shady surroundings for toads.
  • Alternatively, draw birds by positioning bird feeder on places they can easily locate. Plant trees and bushes that produce fruits, you know certainly know the locals birds like.

Encouraging predators that feed on earwigs can help reducing their repel effect but don’t think it’s worth it considering the whole procedure and timing.

Method 3 Chemical Methods

Use of Insecticides about the Base of Your House

Apply recommended insecticides about sixty one centimeter away from your house foundation. Evenly spray the flower-bed and crawling areas under your building subfloor.

Be sure to apply the spray towards evening, so that the chemicals can still be more powerful when the earwigs are out in the evening.

Alternatively if the spraying technique fails to work, use insecticide that has be emulsify, dilute in plenty of water for earwigs concealing under your soil.


  • Avoid buying toads and releasing them into your yard. They will reproduce rapidly and turn invasive.
  • Make sure that you use chemicals or insecticides according to user instructions.

Use indoor approved Aerosol

Use it to spray your baseboard, the insides of your cabinet and other hidden places.

Spray Earwigs & Wash Cleaners

This will immediately kill when on contact. Or use cockroach or cockroach trap instead to get rid of earwigs

Method 4: How to avoid Future Earwig Outbreak

1. Avoid Earwigs from Entry into Your Home

  • Be sure there are no holes in your windows screens or fix immediately when you find out any.
  • Completely block their access to you house by quarantining your home.
  • Weather strip all window frames and door thresholds.
  • Switch to low beam light bulbs on porches and around windows like sodium vapor yellow-tinted bulbs.

2. Clear Out Moist Conditions from Homes Surroundings

Look under out-door taps and possible crawling areas. Call a water plumber to fix possible leaking pipes that you cannot to repair yourself.

3. Caulk Cracks around Windows, Doors & Pipes Areas

Also, caulk or use mortar to cracks and gaps in your foundation. Rub eucalyptus oil on door window, shelves frames to discourage coming in of earwigs.

4. Use Brighter Light at Night

Use sodium vapor tinted yellow light bulbs instead of white bulbs on your home porch or around your windows. Most insect, especially earwigs are excited to bright light mostly during night period.

5. Plant Prevention Herbs around Your Home

Planting lemon thyme, mint and others herbs that scare earwigs from gaining entrance into your home is better way to prevent them and other similar insects.

Drop a Border of Gravel or Stone around Your Foundation: Make sure that the gutters and downspouts water are away from your foundation.

Earwigs are difficult to handle but if you are able to detect their breeding places the rest of the job is as easy. By applying the tips on how to get rid of earwigs here, hope to hear from you about your success story of eliminating earwigs in your home and surrounding.


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