How to get rid of dust mites

How to get rid of dust mites

1. Washing beddings

Wear protective cover on you pillows and mattress. They help protect allergens, bacteria and dust mites. Having a portable travel pillow cover to use with hotel pillows will also be a good idea from potentially dust mites.

Avoid making your bed immediately after sleep. Your bed is usually humid and warm after stepping off, which are favorable conditions for these dust mites and as well the growth of bacteria. Instead cover it up for some time and insulate that, so that can receive a little air for about 15 to 20 minutes before dressing it.

Make sure you spread you bedding under the sun when possible because direct sun kills dust mites.

Try to wash bed sheets and pillow wraps in hot water at least once weekly. Hot water is essential because your cold water will not kill dust mites. To buttress it, a study at the University of Sydney Australian, discover adding Eucalyptus essential oil to your wash will eliminate 99 percent of dust mites from your bedding. While heat from the dryer should b able to get rid of leftover dust mites.

Consider disposing pillows that are up to one to two years old. Pillows and comforters that are used as ground supporters attract the most dust mites, and they cannot be cleaned conventionally to get rid of dust mites. After 2 years, your pillows’ weight may be 10 -15 % dust mite waste.

Alternatively, change pillows and comforters with those that can be cleaned in a modern day washer and dried in a dryer.

2. Vacuuming and Floor Cleaning

Purchase a vacuum with a high considerable particulate air filter like the HEPA model. This vacuum cleaner will help gather up all dust mites including their eggs. If you already own a vacuum with HEPA filter, try replacing it, for efficient working.

Vacuum areas with carpet and bedrooms several times weekly to reduce dust mite waste. Find it needful to replacing your old carpet with linoleum. Carpet is a thriving ground for dust mites, especially if you have pets.

  • On regular basis, steam clean carpets. Whenever possible, use water that is over Fahrenheit ( Celsius).

3. Humidity Control method

Since dust mites thrive in mostly humid environment, try to keep dry condition in your home to discourage their existence. Dehumidifier are inexpensive, you can get one to maintain a relative humidity of your home stay below 50 percent.

4. Pet Dander method

Your pet and their activities at home may also attract these tiny bugs to invade you home. What can you do to?

  • Ensure proper brushing of your pets daily outside your house. Use a stroke that is with the hair and also against the hair, to remove more pet dander.
  • Wipe your pets’ fur with a damp washcloth when they come in from outside. This can also get rid of pet dander that falls on carpets, furniture and bedding.
  • Vacuum places where your pets likes mostly, if the mites problem is relatively bad.
  • Replace pet bedding on regular basis.
  • Keep your pets outside of your bedroom because they might contributes to dust mites problems, since the number of humans and animals that use a room will correlate with how big the dust mite population is.

5. Call Professionals for help

If you know you barely have time to do it yourself or the situation is out of your control, search are around who are expert in the field to get rid of dust mites.

Other practices on how to get rid of dust mites                          

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