How to Get Rid of Crickets Easily and Effectively

How to Get Rid of Crickets Easily and Effectively

Crickets are often found in the northern parts of America and in other parts of the world. They are often found during summer months underneath rocks, fields and sometimes in yard debris. Crickets are known to eat insects that are smaller than themselves but they often feed on plants.

They are related to the grasshopper and katydid. Known for their great vision, they can actually in all directions at once. They are commonly around an inch in length and flightless since they have small wings. Male crickets are often the ones the make the chirping sound we often hear.

When crickets are born, they undergo three stages of development; they go from egg, nymph to adult crickets. The females usually lay their eggs on the ground especially around fall season and these eggs then hatches around spring time. As small as these creatures are, an adult cricket can actually live for about a year before they die. There are about 900 species of known crickets all over the world.


How to Get Rid of Crickets


Fun Facts about Crickets

One of the most popular cricket characters in cartoons is no other than Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio. He played as Pinocchio’s guardian and can sing but in real life, there’s no Jiminy Cricket but just plain crickets that can cause nuisance in your home. However, before you think that they are all bad, you will be surprise to know that there are also good things about them. Here are a few interesting facts about the cricket.

  • Crickets are consumed as food by people living Cambodia and Vietnam. There are also delicacies in Thailand that uses crickets as the main ingredients.
  • Crickets are omnivores.
  • The female cricket can lay about 200 eggs at a time.
  • In the cultures of Japanese and Chinese, crickets are considered to be the bringer of good luck.
  • The male crickets make chirping sounds in order to attract female crickets.
  • They are usually awake at night which explains why we often hear them at night and dusk.
  • Besides humans, frogs, lizards and even tortoises also eat crickets.
  • The chirping of a cricket at a different rate depends on the temperature. If the temperature is rather high, the chirping rates of these insects are also high.
  • They are coldblooded and needs the warm weather so they have the energy to make sounds.
  • When the weather is cool, crickets are not as chirpy.
  • Crickets have different colors according to the species they belong to. Some are black, red, green and brown in color.
  • They molt as they grow into adults.

Getting Rid of Crickets

So why are crickets annoying at times? This is because they sometimes frequent the basement and other parts of the house that are not often used. Now if you want to get rid of these little insects, you might have to try these remedies.

  1. Place predators in your home – these could be spiders or lizards that love eating crickets. These animals can help control the growth of cricket population.
  2. Use soapy water – if you want to get rid of crickets, you can always use the best things that you can find in your house; soap and water. In a spray bottle, add detergent and shake it well. Spray the areas where crickets are thriving. The soapy water will penetrate their skin and will cause them to stop staying in that area.
  3. Chili spray – this is another good option to use although you need to be careful when preparing this one. All you need is half a cup of chilies, red chili powder and/or chili sauce and 2 cups of water. Mix them all together and strain the liquid. Place the water into a spray bottle and spray it all over the crickets or plants. Careful not to rub your eyes with your hands. This could cause irritation.
  4. Food grade – this is also known as diatomaceous earth. These are very helpful in driving out crickets.
  5. Plants that naturally produce nitrogen – these are your clover, sweet peas and garlic. They can help drive out crickets by irritating them. Once crickets are affected by these plants, they will eventually leave the place.
  6. Molasses – the smell of molasses usually attract crickets. What you need to do is to place molasses into a bowl and fill it with water. The smell with cause the cricket to jump into the bowl. Replace the molasses as often as needed until the crickets are gone.
  7. Place traps – you can use fly paper which are also effective in catching crickets. Place them in hot and moist areas of the house and replace them as soon as they are used.
  8. Insect sprays – if you are running out of option, use bug sprays. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of crickets. Make sure to place them in an area where your children (if you have any) cannot play with them as these are poisonous.
  9. Remove trash and throw them away – crickets are usually attracted to the smell of trash. So make sure to remove any around your house and dispose them properly. Make sure that you cover your garbage bins properly too.
  10. Take off bright lights – crickets are known to be attracted to bright lights and if you happen to have LED lights installed in your house, remove them so you cannot attract crickets.
  11. Use vacuum cleaner – another effective way to remove crickets is through vacuuming. These machines will help remove the eggs from areas where crickets have deposited them. Make sure to vacuum the nooks and crannies of your home as crickets love being in these places.
  12. Seal your home well – if you don’t want crickets coming inside your house, make sure that it’s sealed well. Place plaster or cement on your basement especially if there are gaping holes where small insects can get through. Make use of screen patches and caulk for your windows as well.

House, Camel and Field crickets are among the most common types of crickets found in your homes. They are usually drown to house because they have unlimited source of food and not much prey around. They also love the humid and dark places in your home. Because crickets are omnivores, they survive on decaying plants and insects which can be found in and out of your house. They also love eating wood, cloth, fungi and seeds.

That being said, it is also important that you clean your house regularly especially if you have a basement that’s always damp and hot. These areas are great places for crickets to thrive. In case you have done all of these tips and ways to prevent crickets from coming and still to no avail of getting rid of them, it’s best to call a bug exterminator. These professionals can solve the problem and can get rid of those crickets for good.

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