How to get rid of congestion

How to get rid of congestion

Want to know how to get rid of congestion? Be it nasal or chest congestion, then you need to be here. Congestion is a health impairment that results when infection triggers and irritates our nasal tissues. This condition can occur in the chest and nose. When it happens in the chest it’s called chest congestion but if therefore occurs in our nose is referred to as nasal congestion.

Nasal congestion results in form of stuffy nose while in the chest accumulation of mucus in the respiratory tract and trachea that makes your chest to be feeling heavy. However both can be treated in the same way using wide range of alternatives method.

There are natural remedies and medical remedies to congestion, so if you’re suffering from this condition you don’t have to get worry as there helpful remedies. To keep it real, according to W.H.O (world health organization) says the best move for congestion treatment is to use combination of several treatment strategies, natural remedies and non-natural remedies that is medical approach.How to get rid of congestion


The common factor responsible for congestion be it nasal or chest congestion is cold. Other notable causes includes

  1. Allergies
  2. Headache
  3. Hay fever
  4. Chronic sinusitis
  5. Environmental exposures

How to get rid of congestion           

1. Use of steam

Intake of steam is an effective way to get fast relieve from congestion most especially chest congestion as the heat of steam goes into the nostril down to your chest to create moisture that assist in the breaking up and dissolving of mucus that has congested.

It’s just as easy on how to go about as you may think before maybe it’s going to require much work and time to get rid of that congestion troubling you.


  1. Boil about 5 cups of water for three to four minutes. Pour the water into a bowl. Add few drops of peppermint essential oil. With a towel cover your head, put your face directly over the bowl while breathing the steam from the solution for about four minutes.
  2. Alternatively, take a warm bathe, immediately of that; inhale the vapors coming out from the stem.
  3. Repeat any of the remedies two or three times a day until you’re relief from congestion feeling.

Caution: steam remedy for congestion is not recommended for young children, women that are pregnant and patient suffering from heart conditions or possibly high blood pressure.

2. Salt Water treatment

Drinking salt water solution at different time of the day is an effective way to tackle chest congestion problems because salt water helps to eliminate build up mucus from the trachea and in the respiratory tract and thus lowers throat and nostril irritation.


Add one tablespoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Thoroughly mix together, until no salt molecules appear. Gargle the solution two to three times a day until congestion gives way.

3. Ginger

As a result of its immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, makes ginger a recommended remedy for chest congestion. It works effectively to suppress mucus secretion and fighting of infections that causes congestion of the chest.


Chop some fresh ginger roots into pieces. Add 1 teaspoon of the chopped ginger in a cup of hot water, cover and leave for 5 minutes to pass its medicinal effect into the solution.

Filter, and then add a few drop of honey to improve the taste. Take three cups of your homemade tae once a day.

Alternatively, grind 1 tablespoon of black pepper, cloves and dry ginger to powder form. Dive it into a dose of 3 and take it three times a day with milk or honey.

Another option, chew small pieces of ginger root throughout the entire day to get relief of congestion.

For better results, repeat any of these remedies for several day until you see congestion is completely gone.

4. Irrigate your nose

You can buy a bulb syringe from drug store to irrigate your nostrils. The methods helps to loosen and liquefy mucus secretion and congestion relieve.


Sterilize a cup of water by boiling and allow to cool (buy already sterilize water). Get a bulb syringe. Infuse the water into the syringe. Am sure you know how to do that if not asked how to use it when purchasing your syringe.

Finally spray into your nostrils. Do almost 2 sprays daily for quick response.

5. Drink fluids

Drinking of plenty of fluids especially water up to 7 glasses of water several times a day thus dilute the mucus and help prevent sinus blockages and however ease pressure. Dehydration causes the mucus to block the nostril passage.

Diluted mucus is more likely to drip. So whenever you sense start of sinus pressure, try to drink enough water to stay hydrated. A warm tea could also be helpful as it’s similar to that of steam method and the warmth will give room for nasal secretion to flow out.

6. Using a humidifier

In order to ease sinuses problem, you can hang a humidifier in your bedroom when you about to sleep. This instrument helps to produce steam and moisture which help to clear-out nasal openings.

Whenever your nose opening is blocked, you need to proffer a way to keeping your sinus and nostril passages moist. Although most people hold the opinion, if one has a dripping nose, that breathing in dry air is the way out.

What you don’t know, dry air further disgust the membrane in your nasal passage.

The air in your home get dried up during winter, so the use of humidifier is very important to keeping your home moist.

Now that you have gone through this articles on how to get rid of congestion, hope you were able to pick two or more remedies that you can try whenever your congestion symptoms comes up.

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