How to Get Rid of Ants

How to Get Rid of Ants

Ants are pesky insects, when present in the house could be a nuisance. At a certain period all household experience invasion of ants in their home particularly the kitchen region of the house.

An ant invasion can be caused by so many factors, regardless of what most have provoked the ants’ invasion it becomes a nuisance for people living in the house. In order to deal with these pesky creatures within your house you engage in detective work so as to eradicate them from causing a nuisance which you wouldn’t want.

You have to identify what specie of ant has decided to invade your home so as to know how to eradicate them within your house. Reason for this is simply the feeding habits of ants vary depending on their specie. For instance, carpenter ants cants be found feeding on sugar likewise you wouldn’t find sugar ant feeding on your furniture except if you have sugar on your furniture.


How to Get Rid of Ants

This would help you determine the best possible ways you need to eradicate them and keep them out of your house. These tiny pesky creatures have devised various means of getting into your house: through the basement, holes in walls, floor and foundation, holes in your walls, crevices in your ceiling, your waste bin, leftover food, spilled drinks tend to attract them as well, waste bins etc.

How To Get Rid Of Ants From Your House             

One major reason why ants would want to come into your home is food, most ants are attracted to sweet sticky substances, hence, ensure not to leave juice and tea at the bottom of your cup or bottle or sweets and candy lying around your home.

To get rid of ants you need to ensure there are no food source available in your house to achieve keeping ants away from your home you can adapt this various ways;

  1. Ensure all waste bins within your house have a tight seal over them
  2. Any liquid or food spillage should be cleaned off immediately
  3. Food debris found under your kitchen appliances should be properly cleaned
  4. Cover your food very well
  5. Keep your droppings properly enclosed
  6. Clear away your dishes and be sure to clean them immediately.

These methods can also be applied to prevent ants from getting into your home, you have to make your home difficult for them to get in. Hence prevention is very important in every household to avoid ant invasion.

  • Using restraining substances line the any possible entrance the ants could possibly pass into your home. Example of such substances include are Chalk, salt and baby powder you can simply spread them around your windows and walls, also it can be spread beneath the doors in the house.
  • Apply fragrances and ingredients that ants cannot withstand. Ants cannot stand the smell of peppermint oil, black pepper, cayenne pepper, bay leaves, cinnamon, whole cloves and vinegar. You have to be careful when using these methods especially if you have kids and pests at home.
  • Block every entrance in your home, where you think ant can easily get in through. Due to their tiny nature they can easily find their ways through tiny openings within your house. These tiny openings within the house might not be seen or noticed till you see clusters of ants marching through.

Eliminating Ants

It is very essential to eliminate ant especially when you notice an infestation within your house. Here are several methods of getting rid of ants;

1. Wipe out the ants trails: Ants tend to move about in groups, hence where one ant is sighted be certain to see several others. Reason being that they leave a fragrance trail so that other ants can follow. First you have to locate the starting point of the trail and establish a blockade immediately. You can pour chalk, salt or baby powder, petroleum jelly this would stop the ants from passing through this entryways. One of this methods can be used in destroying this trails:

  • Spray the trail with a bleach solution or spray vinegar, after which you clean it up with a wet cloth or dam paper towel.
  • Use a soapy sponge to clean down the trail gathering the ants, then rinse them down the sink, continue to wipe off with the sponge till you notice the trail is completely gone.

2. Crush the Scouts. Single or scout ants are sent out by the colonies to search for food sources. You notice an ant walking majestically around your kitchen cabinet, ensure you don’t let it get back to the nest alive because it would inform the rest where food is so they can come feast on it and have a party on whatever food or spill it sighted.

If the ant had gotten back to the nest, in a single file following the scent trail they march towards the food source that has been marked for feasting. Hence, it’s best to kill the single ant quickly so it doesn’t make it back to the nest, otherwise the minute you sight them marching you crush them all.

3. Search for the nest. At times way out of an ant invasion is eradicating their nest. If you dealing with carpenter ants that could damage to your house it’s very vital to get rid them off as soon as you can. Searching for the nests isn’t easy and takes a lot of work, energy. Ants prefer moist areas, such as flooring and framing which are spongy and soft from a roof or plumbing leak. Look out for areas with water damage.

Bathrooms, attics and exterior walls are evident places ants can also be found. Once you detect the nest, and spray with an insecticide which contains deltamethrin, bifenthrin or permethrin. Ensure you replace broken woods and fix any water leakage. If tracking down the nest seems impossible you can seek the help of a pest control service.

4. Vacuum the ants- Sprinkle and vacuum a pint-size diatomaceous earth or talcum powder into the vacuum cleaner so as to kill ants off once they have being vacuumed up. You can also sprinkle these substances in your waste bin where the ants would be disposed. Sprinkling of talcum powder and diatomaceous earth would help prevent the ants from building a nest in your vacuum cleaner, this is very vital and shouldn’t be overlooked.

5. Dish soap water, water and rubbing alcohol should be mixed together. Take a spoonful of dish soap water and also a spoonful of rubbing alcohol, pour into a clean spray bottle that has been properly washed. Then fill up the spray bottle with water few inches away from the top of the bottle. Shake the mixture very well till it forms bubbles and then spray it. The alcohol present in the solution would keep the ants away from where the spray is scented.

6. Use Cucumber- Ants cannot stand the taste of cucumbers, hence it can be used to get rid of ants. All you need do is cut cucumber into pieces and place the pieces in places where ants tend to thrive. This would keep them off.

7. Lemon juice- Lemon juice come in really handy when dealing with ant invasion. Mix lemon juice in water and spray all over the ant- affected areas. This is a very vital ay to get rid of ants.

8. Using Cornmeal- This is a safe method to get rid of ants, this is due to the inability of ants to digest cornmeal they die after taking it in. Simply just spread the cornmeal over the ant-affected area.

Any of these methods listed above can be used to get rid of ants. Once one method doesn’t work out try the next one out, it would be very effective. Make sure you clean out ants and do all you can to prevent having another invasion.

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