Health Benefits of Ginger

Health Benefits of Ginger
  1. Ginger Helps to Alleviate Gastrointestinal Problems: Ginger contains some compounds known as Phenolic compounds. These compounds are believed to help with digestive problems and gastrointestinal problems by stimulating production of saliva and bile so that foods and fluids consumed are able to move freely through the GI tract and gastric contractions are reduced.
  2. Ginger Helps to Cure Nausea: Whether it’s nausea as a result of cancer treatments, during pregnancy or on a flight, Ginger is the answer. Just dip fresh raw ginger in some honey or eat raw if you can’t find honey around you. You would immediately feel better. Ginger is also very safe for pregnant women.
  3. Ginger Helps to Reduce Pain and Soreness: Ginger helps to relieve menstrual cramps and muscle pain. According to a study carried out, women who take ginger capsules experience less menstrual cramps compared to women who don’t.
  4. Ginger may help to Relieve Arthritis: Osteoarthritis is a common health condition that affects the joints. It causes severe pain and stiffness in the joint and can be very traumatic for patients. However, it is believed that ginger can help to reduce this pain when its extracts are applied topically or when it is eaten raw.

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