How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

Drain flies causes nuisance in homes where they colonize and begin to make house owner’s go away from their home. They are tiny winged insects that look similar to moths. Although they might be seen physically harmful but they can transfer harmful bacteria from your drains which causes various kind of sickness such as cholera, fever, hepatitis, dysentery, tuberculosis and others.

These tiny, fuzzy flies commonly bred around shallow places, drains, and garbage disposal and sometimes on wet house plants where their larvae can survive. They can also be seen in stagnant water such as kitchen, bathrooms and basements. And more so, around septic tanks, sewer and soil that has been contaminated with sewage.

Getting rid of drain flies can be very tedious especially when you’re not sure of their breeding places but once you are able to locate their larval thrive, wiping them away is express. Killing all of the drain flies in our home is the permanent way of eliminating their existence if not they will certain come back and multiply again. The question is how you can get rid of drain flies? So that your home and surrounding can be restore to normalcy. They’re simple result getting techniques which you can try discussed here

Here Are the Technique on How You Can Get Rid Of Drain Flies

Identify their sources

If you are having two to three drains system in your house, check around to know which particular one the flies is breeding. Next, simply cover the drain system with a clear or transparent tape. Be sure not block the whole drain, as it may leads to additional issues. Come again in two days, you see that drains that have drain flies in your home have flies stuck to the cover you used.

Wash Drain filter

Drain flies usually lay their larva in debris that gets stuck up in the drains system. One pair of this flies can multiply into thousands drains flies with 5 to 6 weeks, so taken time to cleaning your drain is very vital to tackle the issues. Thoroughly sanitize places which you know they could possibly leave their larval, is the first step to getting rid of the stubborn drain flies invading your home. Bring out debris or anything that is stuck in the filter that may be a potential hide out for them.

Use pipe brusher

You can purchase a pipe brusher specially made for pipe cleaning to bring out dirt that may be hiding in pipes places where your hand can’t get to. Alternatively, plumber snake tool can also be used but it won’t give you the room to brush pipe sides to get rid of any debris which is a potential place for drain flies to lay eggs.

Use Gel Cleaner

If you can narrowly brush away all of the debris your hands can reach, apply gel cleaner to help you remove ant reaming dirt’s that is still lingers in the drain. The use of gel is essential, as the cleaners are design to get rid of anything that may stuck in your drain. This will remove the breeding areas colonize by drain flies. Do not use a liquid or foam drain cleaner as they’ll not be as effectual as the gel cleaner.

Wash off drain corner with water

After putting the gel wait for few hours but ensure to stick the cleaner usage guide and then wash the drain with mild warm water. This will blush out all the remaining cleaner and any other debris where drain flies can possibly hide and breed.

Reduce houseplants watering

Effectively control any drain flies currently breeding in your home plants by limiting watering for at least 2 weeks, unless your plant is a bog-dweller or other species that requires constant wet soil. Use Steinernema feltiae nematodes to plants that must remain damp. Inoculate your plant a second time in two to four weeks if drain flies persist.

Maintenance and monitoring drains

In order to completely chase drain flies and preventing them is by maintaining and monitoring all home drains. Preferably, wash off all drains system in your house once every month. If you notice outbreak of flies, take immediate action to prevent them from multiply and taken all over the place.

How Get Rid of Drain Flies Quick Guide

Cover drain system with a plastic cups sprayed inside with cooking spray for about a week to determine the locations of drain fly populations in your home. Check for stagnant water in the meantime, especially in fixed areas or under condensation pipes, and repair the source of the leak. Look inside the tanks of rarely used toilets for drain fly breeding sites.

In conclusion, now that you’re informed on how on get rid drain flies, you should go into immediate action to wipe chase or wipe out this ugly look insects. Remember identifying their source is the first steps to that will analogue you to knowing which of the ways to best control and manage the situation for effective result. Hope you’ll let your friends or neighbors know of where you got your solution for.

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